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Welcome to BAN Innovation


We provide SAP ERP data based content products for analysis, reporting, and dashboard.

The goal is to give the user an easy and intuitive access to complex data structures, e.g. BOM explosion, product costing, traceability, classification, etc.

The SAP ERP related content products are enhanced with SAP BW on/4HANA platform specific solutions. Generic extractors, concepts, implementation approaches, and data models complete the offer.

Our Vision

To provide user friendly content products for complex environments that can be easily implemented on different BI platforms.

SAP ERP Content Products

The SAP ERP content products are designed to run on different BI platforms and enable the implementation on SAP tools (BW on/4HANA, SAC, DWC) and non SAP tools (e.g. Qlik, MS Power BI, tableau, etc.).

The Solution

The solution consists of a central data set prepared by a BAN application within the SAP ERP system and a concept data model for the BI platform. The data set and area specific data is extracted into the BI platform and combined in a BI platform specific data model for reporting and analysis.

To ensure robustness the developments are based on standard SAP ERP table/object data. The concept data model describes the data relation and enables a BI platform specific implementation and further customer enhancement.

Our Strategy

To closely work together with our implementation partners to achieve the highest level of service for our customer.

If you want to get to know more about our content products, check the documents section or get in contact with us directly.

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